Camera Extreme 2009 for Pavol Barabáš

LODZ, 19. - 22. november 2009 - the Jury of the International Film Festival Explorers ARTSHOW Poland 2009 awarded two filmamkers -  Pavol Barabáš and Elizabeth Wald by Camera Extreme 2009 Prize. The Explorers Festival has been held in Lodz in Poland since 1999. Every year the festival hosts world-known alpinists, explorers, sportsmen, globetrotters and discoverers.

There is also a review of films by the most famous film-makers, competitions, photo exhibitions and workshops. Highly regarded and respected figures from all over the world are the festival guests - for example Reinhold Messner, professor Bertrand Piccard, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Christian Bonington, Don Walsh, Martin Strel, Borge Ousland, Liv Arnesen, Fiona Thornewill. Michael Brown, Lynn Hill, Chris Sharma, Martin Strel, Kurt Albert, Diego Azubel, Norman Kent, among other outstanding figures.

According to jury´s words, they awarded the work of Pavol, because: "He has taken part in a number of fascinating expeditions to all the seven continents, always with a camera, which inspires him to transpose the newly discovered world into pictures of exceptional beauty. The artist demonstrates a rare mastery of the aestetic and narrative aspects of the events, places, people and cultures he presents. He knows how to combine the visual layer of the film with the curiosity of man searching for the answers to questions that have been asked since the beginning of time and that have teir sources in ourselves and in the history of humankind. He places an equally strong emphasis on the existential questions and choices faced by people who are subject to extreme conditions or their own limitations."


Hostia tohtoročného festivalu

From the right: Pavol Barabáš, James HooperWiliam StegerGeoffrey SomersKeizo Funtasu

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