2. october 2020

The Best Director´s work Prize from Russia

Special prize for The Best Director´s work gous to Freedom under Load. The official results of the film competition of the XXIII Moscow International Festival of Mountain and Adventure Films "VERTICAL-2020" were announced due to viral problems made a negative contribution to the holding and coverage of the current Moscow film festival. more

21. september 2020

Salto is the King awarded in Poland

25th edition of the Mountain Film Festival in Ladek Zdroj, Poland took place on 11.-20.9.2020. Salto is the King was awarded as Best film about nature and exploring. more

9. september 2020

Everest - The Hard Way - Best Adventure

The XIV edition of the International Mountain Film Festival Ushuaia SHH took place 17.-30.8.2020. The documentary Everest - The Hard Way was awarded Best Adventure. more

31. august 2020

Grand Prix goes to Everest - The Hard Way

New documentary Everest - the Hard Way was awarded by the Grand prix at the International Mountaineering Film Festival. 37th edition of this festival took place 27.-30.8.2020 in Teplice nad Metují, Czech Republic. more

31. august 2020

Svetozár Stračina awarded in Poland

16. edition of the mountain film festival Moc Gór (The Power of Mountain) took place 27.-30.8.2020 in Zakopane, Poland. The documentary Everest - The Hard Way was awarded by the Prize of Polish Mountaineering Club.


31. august 2020

Everest - The Hard Way awarded in Poland

16. edition of the mountain film festival Moc Gór (The Power of Mountain) took place 27.-30.8.2020 in Zakopane, Poland. The documentary Everest - The Hard Way was awarded by the Polish Mountaineering Association Prize.


5. april 2020

Honorable Mention for Spirit of Jaguar

The Waterwalker Film Festival, begun by the legendary Bill Mason in 1987, is Canada’s longest running Paddling Film Festival. It features the best of paddling films from around the world: canoeing, kayaking, SUP, and rafting. The documentary Spirit of the Jaguar has been given an Honourable Mention within the 2020 Waterwalker Film Festival.  more

3. december 2019

Grand Prix for Spirit of Jaguar

17th edition of the International Festival of Outdoor Films took place in almost 200 towns in the Czech and Slovak republic.  1486 films from 102 countries were submitted, only 83 films were screened. The festival comittee awarded the documentary Spirit of the Jaguar by the Grand Prix.  more

27. november 2019

Spirit of Jaguar awarded in Denmark

Nordic Adventure Film Festival started 19.-24.11.2019in Denmark and continues with the screening in other places. The documentary Spirit of Jaguar was awarded as The best adventure expedition film.  more

4. november 2019

Freedom under Load at festivals in Canada

EUROPEAN UNION FILM FESTIVAL takes place in Canada last 15 years.  The Slovakia will present itsself by the awarded documentary about last european Sherpas - Freedom under Load. 

12. october 2019

Grand Prize for Spirit of Jaguar

28the edition of the Adveture Films Festival in Dijon -  Ecrans de l'aventure highlited documentaries about unique stories, strog messages and solidarity. The festival took place 17. - 20. 10. 2019. The comitee awarded the documentary Spirit of Jaguar by Grand Prize for the authentic adventure deep in the venezuealn jungle. more

6. september 2019

Spirit of Jaguar - the Best documentary

36th edition of the International Mountain Film Festival took place in Teplice na d Metuji, Czech republic between 22.-25.8.2019. The international jury awarded the document Spirit of Jaguar as the Best documentary.  more

10. december 2018

Best Mountaineering film - Addicted to Altitude

International Outdoorfilms Festival took place in 67 places of Slovak and Czech republic. From more than thousand films 126 were selected for festival screenings between 5.10.-7.12.2018. Documentary Addicted to Altitude wan the First Prize in the Mountaineering Film category. more

25. november 2018

Special Mention Prize for Addicted to Altitude

Nordic Adventure Film Festival was held for the first time back in 1996 by a group of dedicated climbers and adventure filmmakers. The festival is the oldest and most dedicated adventure film festival in Scandinavia. This year the festival took place 20.-25.11.2018 in Denmark. The Special Mention Prize won the documentary Addicted to Altitude.


2. october 2018

Best Film about Mountaineering - Addicted to Altitude

On the 20th of September 2018, at the 23rd edition of Ladek Mountain Festival – the greatest and oldest Polish event of this kind, after watching all the films of 23rd Ladek Mountain Festival's Film Competition, the Jurors decided to award the film Addicted to Altitude as Best Film about Mountaineering: more