Slovakia - In preparation

When huge pyramids were growing up towards the sky on one side of the world, the village of Vlkolínec did not yet exist, the same as the wooden churches crouched below the Carpathians, the large Spiš Castle, the historical centre of Bardejov or charming Banská Štiavnica. And yet, they all have something in common in that they are at present part of the Unesco World Cultural Heritage List. They all belong among the most amazing monuments that mankind has created during its existence on Earth.

Script, photography, direction: Pavol Barabáš, length: 15 min., year of production: 2010

When Slovak monuments were incorporated into the World Cultural Heritage List in Cartagena, Columbia in 1993, it was another signal that there is a country in the centre of Europe that has undiscovered and exceptional values. There are certainly some more impressive places in the world that astonish visitors with their magnificence, but there are also some ordinary places that get under one's skin, penetrate into one's mind and soul and stay there forever.  These places are the ones to which one wants and needs to return again and again...



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