PURURAMBO - festival prizes

† Ë? CREATIVE PREMIUM OF THE LITERARY FUND, SLOVAK FILM UNION AND THE UNION OF SLOVAK TELEVISON CREATORS for a fantastic creative film performance shot on the expedition in Papua - New Guinea, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2006

† Ë? SLOVAK FILM CRITICS PRIZE, Bratislava, 2006

† Ë? SLOVAK FILM CRITIC´S PRIZE for audiovisual work in 2005 in film - ex aequo category, Bratislava, 2006

† Ë? PUBLIC CHOICE - IMFF, Poprad, Slovak Republic, 2005

† Ë? BEST FESTIVAL FILM - GO KAMERA, Brno, Czech Republic, 2006

† Ë? 2. PRIZE - Camera Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2006

† Ë? BEST FILM IN „EARTH“ CATEGORY - Mountains and City, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 2006

† Ë? BEST FILM IN DOCUMENTARY FILMS CATEGORY - a well directed and well crafted film made in a sensitive way under extreme conditions. It depicts a rare meeting with a prehistoric culture and the relationship between humanity and nature - Envirofilm, Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic, 2006

† Ë? THE PRIZE OF THE CHILDREN`S AUDIENCE - Envirofilm, Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic, 2006

† Ë? SPECIAL MENTION for an excellent presentation of an exceptionally interesting and unknown human way of life - “Green Wave - 21st century” European Environment Festival, Dolna Banya, Bulgaria, 2006


† Ë? PRIZE OF TEPLICE NAD METUJÍ - MHFF, Teplice nad Metují, Czech Republic, 2006

† Ë? Special prize of the Jury - Academia film Olomou, Czech Republic, 2006

† Ë? Festival President's Prize - Agrofilm, Nitra, Slovak Republic, 2006

† Ë? Best Director Award - Ekofilm, Český Krumlov, České Budějovice Czech Republic, 2006

† Ë? The Award of the Student´s Jury - Ekofilm, Český Krumlov, České Budějovice Czech Republic, 2006

† Ë? ADVENTURA Prize- Man and the environment, Montreal International Adventure Film Festival, Canada, 2006

† Ë? THE MAIN PRIZE IN THE CATEGORY "Public Affairs Films" - "The Bronze Turon" - Etnofilm, Slovak Republic, 2006

† Ë? CULTURE PRIZE - Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Kendal, Great Britain, 2006

† Ë? MOUNTAIN WILDERNESS PRIZE - International Festival of Mountain and Adventure Films, Torelló, Spain, 2006

† Ë? Prize of the Ministry of the Environment of Czech Republic - TSTTT, Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic, 2006
† Ë? 1. PRIZE in category "Adventure and extream films", International festival of outdoor films, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006

† Ë? The prize for complete realization in extreme conditions, International Mountain Film Festival, Bansko, Bulgario, 2006

† Ë? AIGLE D’OR DE L’AVENTURE, International Adventure and Discovery Film Festival, Val d’IsÄ‚¨re, France, 2007


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