Five of our films at the Summer film school

July 11, 2006... O9-days Summer Film School ,will take place from July 21 in the little Czech town Uherske Hradiste. The main goal of the film school is to deepen the knowledge of the organizers and lecturers of film clubs as well as of fans of the art and history of cinema. At the 32nd Film School 200 feature and 150 short films will be screened. Tuesday on July 25 at 2.45 PM our latest movie Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains will be screened, followed by Pururambo and at 4 PM Omo - A Journey to the Primaeval Age.. Meet and talk to Palo Barabas about the extreme conditions during the shootings and his other works after the screening. Wednesday on July 26 two other films of K2 Studio will be screened at Reduta. At 11 AM Mzsterious Mamberamo followed by Amazonia Vertical.

Main Events of the Summer Film School:

†˘ The biggest domestic presentation of African and Canadian movies 58 feature film, 62 short film from African cinema, 42 feature and 20 short films from Canada.

†˘African artists will attend the event personally Souleymane Cissé, Désiré Écaré, Raymond Rajaonarivelo, Med Hondo, Teemour Diop-Mambéty, David-Pierre Fila, Mark Dornford-May and Pauline Melafone.

†˘Canadian artists will come to Uherske Hradiste as well Patricio Rozem, Don McKellar, Lesley Barber, André Forcier and Chouinard Denis.

†˘ Personalities of world cinema Eduard Artěmjev, Rustam Ibragimbekov, R.Čcheidze, Pavol Barabáš, MichaĹ‚ Ĺ»ebrowski and Dagmar Knöpfel .

†˘ Personalities and jubilees of domestic artists Ivan Balaďa, Pavol Landovský, Václav Havel, Pavol Koutecký

†˘ Previews of new domestic films

†˘ Exceptional presentation of African culture exhibitions of statues from Tanganenge (Zimbabwe), paintings Lema Kusa (Congo), artistic carvings of the Makonde tribe (South Tanzania) and an exhibition documenting the most important expeditions of Czech travelers (Emil Holub, Zikmund and Hanzelka, expeditions Lambarene, the wandering of Jiří Baum and Ladislav Brom).

†˘ Concerts of world ethnic music


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