Simple sinusoid

June 1980. I work as a sherpa my third summer season in the High Tatras. I love this time, because there is still snow in the valley so I can ski, and there are almost no tourists in the mountain hut where I work. And there is enough sun to climb on the warm granite walls. There is no better place to study for exams at university.

In this June time Milan Marenčák uses to hike up to the mountain hut. He is the architect and a friend with our hut keeper. They lead interesting dialogues how mountains influence a man living in.  I have never thought about this. But it is true that steep and sharp Tatras ridges somehow tease me. They force me to be under a stress. After spending several months in this environment, I felt tired of sharp stones. I study electrotechnics. The sharper the edges are, the more frequencies my eye has to absorb. Milan suggested we should change the mountains for a while. So, I spend the longest night of the year by traversing the ridge of the Velka Fatra mountain.


Curvy shapes of these peaks are a balsam for my soul. Milan says nothing but he knows. I fell the peace of this place in him. I have been here several times. But today it is different.  We lye on the grass and flowers and all words are meaningless. We are just fine. Gentle face of the country joins my soul.

I cannot describe it, but something has changed on that day. I started to feel the landscape, its esthetic and individuality different way. You see, Milan says, the landscape is just a simple sinusoid. It enters through you and calms down.  Since then I go to Velka Fatra often and pleased.

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