Freedom under Load - genesis

During my study at university I have worked as sherpa in the High Tatras. I couldn´t wait for summer to be come to the mountains, pack the load and hike to the valley. Back then I didn´t know why this craft is so attractive for me. When I started to make documentaries, I still had this theme in my head.

To make a film about what you have at home is the most difficult job. I had plenty of material in which I wanted to show the feeling and knowledge of Sherpas, hut keepers and climbers. In 2002 I produced a teaser, 4:3 format. I had still more and more material, but couldn´t find the interesting story. My problem was solved by The universe. The hard drive with the Sherpa material broke. All the material was lost and I was really unhappy.


Back then I was the member of many exploring expeditions. It took my attention and energy. I had no power to start with Sherpas from point zero. New technologies came and in the autumn 2013 I started to work on this documentary again. All material in 4K I storage at the safety place. Now the Sherpa document is ready.


I didn´t consider this film to be screened at cinemas. But my distributor in Slovakia was sure. Each film is proved by the time. I am glad I managed to shoot interesting people by their work. Maybe in the near future, the Sherpa craft won´t last. But maybe this documentary contributes for its maintenance.   


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