1979 - Zbojnícka chata - Robber's cottage

At the end of June 1979, I came again to Robber's Cottage to work as a mountaineering porter. At that time, the atmosphere in the entire area of the High Tatra Mountains was very subdued. The reason for this was the crash t the edge of the Mlynicka valley of a rescue helicopter that was on its way to help a German tourist. Five members of the mountain rescue service died. The accident was the subject of every discussion. It was a really mournful time for all of us. more

It's blessing when one knows where he belongs

As late as after longer wandering throughout the world, one realizes the most what values one has at home. Beautiful forests, pure mountain springs, rocky mountains inwrought with perfect tourist markings are not such a certainty in the third world. I always considered mountains to be my asylum. more

Advertisement is like a poison

Bhutan is the only country of the world, where cigarettes are prohibited. The King prohibited the plastic bags that cause environmental problems. There cannot be an advertisement to make people happier. The advertisement is false and provoke people to desire. In controversy to the Budha´s philosophy. more

First encounter with a lynx

My father Jaro has two scars on the back of his neck. Once, when I was still a little boy, I asked him what happened to him and he told me this short story: "In 1953, I was sent to Eastern Slovakia to help with the construction of the Vihorlat factory. more

30. april 2009

Is the spiritual growth a brake for economy?

In the eternal universe is our planet with all its unique systems that enable life controlled with not understandable energies which are life-giving, resurgent and enriching. The beauties of our Earth are for many of us a source of power, music chorus of the Nature, giving us faith in something wonderful and pleasant. It has the capability to listen to us, so that we realize that we pay a too high price for what we call technological progress. more

18. february 2008

Unforgotten story

The life of the mountains is affected by people. Their stories are noted down in each valley, saddleback or hill. One needs to learn to read from this mountain book, to be able to make connections, to remember messages ... Rudo Žuffa from the Roháče Mountain Rescue Service called me to a commemorative crossing from the Chocholowska valley to Zverovka, through Lúčna. The event is annually supported by Polish and Slovak rescuers who take the journey dressed in the same clothes as in an old story from the end of the Second World War that I was told by Rudo: more

11. february 2007

Return from the Carstensz pyramid

When we descended the highest peak of New Guinea after a march taking several hours through the undamaged jungle, we were a bit shocked. In front of us we saw images looking like Mars. A giant surface of a gold and copper mine occupying several kilometers. It is believed to be the biggest on our planet. Huge cableways, railways and the most modern giant dredgers on Earth dig in the precious ecosystem of the mountain primeval forest full of peculiar animals. more

8. september 2006

Keby mala naša Zem niekoľko metrov v priemere

Skúste si predstaviť, že by naša Zem mala priemer iba niekoľko metrov a vznášala by sa niekde nad rozkvitnutou lúkou. Ľudia, ktorí by ju objavili, by ju prehlásili za najväčší zázrak. Obchádzali by ju s úctou dookola a divili by sa veľkým vodným plocham, malinkým jazierkam i riekam, ktoré do nich tečú z bielych hôr. Tiež by boli udivení z tenkej vrstvy plynu a vode zavesenej v ňom, ktorá ako tajomný závoj sem tam poodhalí krásy Zeme. Obdivovali by všetky tvory pohybujúce sa na súši i vo vode v dokonalej harmónii. Ľudia by zem prehlásili za posvätnú... more

15. august 2006

Are we the most arrogant species?

It seems like we don’t want or can’t understand our mother Earth. I am surprised by the unbelievable arrogance of the Homo sapience to everything alive. If I look at our Earth from distance our species appears to me as an uncontrollable virus attacking the Earth in the same way as our mind is attacked by conflict values and ideas... Unwillingly the statement of the writer John Fowles comes into my mind and I am just afraid to agree with him: more

11. february 2006

Ovládať možno iba toho, kto sa bojí...

Civilizácia nás oberá o kontakt s prírodou. A z nej sme predsa všetci vyšli. Pomaly zabúdame na jej zákonitosti. Odtrhli sme sa od nej a preto jej prestávame rozumieť. Príroda sa pre nás stáva neznámom. Porušujeme jej zákony a ona nám vie dať veľmi rýchlo po prstoch. Treba ju počúvať, vnímať, sledovať, chodiť do hôr - neexistujú na to knižky, treba mať len otvorené srdce. Pýcha ani peniaze vám nepomôžu... Odvážlivcov, ktorí chceli pokoriť prírodu sú plné cintoríny. more

29. july 2005

Zmeny klímy na Zemi

Súčasný stav klímy Zeme sa dá zhrnúť jednoducho: rast extremalít počasia, náhle vpády teplých i studených frontálnych systémov z oceánov na pevninu kontinentov, extrémny nárast zrážok, teplôt i prietokov na vodných tokoch na všetkých kontinentoch. Sprievodnými javmi je častejší výskyt extrémnych súch, živelných pohrôm, ako sú tornáda, hurikány, veterné smršte, požiare, povodne... more