Svetozár Stračina - About the film

The portrait of composer Svetozár Stračina pays tribute to an extraordinary creative force who has left behind a vast, significant musical legacy. He was an extraordinary artist who stands out from any “folder”. A boheme who perceived inherently and cultivated the authentic folklore. A composer whose creations inspire also those who avoid folklore. Stračina not only substantially contributed to the ethnomusicological repertoire, he helped create an enormous amount of legendary film music, whose originality stands up to the test of time.

festival premiere: Artfilm Košice, Slovakia, 21.6.2019
distribution premiere ASFK: 5.9.2019
production: K2 studio s.r.o.
script and direction: Pavol Barabáš
edit: Róbert Karovič
length: 68 min.
cast: Juraj Dubovec, Oskár Elschek, Juraj Kubánka, Alžbeta Lukáčová, Angela Vargicová
distribution: Asociácia slovenských filmových klubov

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Tradition is a gift from people to people.

Many people were wandering why did I create this documentary. They see me as a traveller who captured different cultures all around the world. Yes, I shot natural tribes and visited countries where people have already lost their traditions and relationship to their land. I have experienced a clash of cultures and ethnicities with extinct eyes, which were overwhelmed by the globalization. The more one gets to know our Earth, the more he gets the perspective that helps him to discover the special he has at home.
For this reason, I precious people who inspire their surroundings to creativity and reveal new views of themselves. In the music of Svetozar Stracina, I realized that he was seeking and capturing the essence that creates a nation, a tribe or a unity. The fragile essence that shapes the human community.

Pavol Barabáš

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The realization and distribution of this film was financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

This film has been produced in a coproduction with Radio and Television of Slovakia.