Salto is the King - About the film

Rappelling the highest waterfalls on earth becomes a great challenge for a group of Slovak friends. They want to fuse with the water element. Their expeditions become journeys into the unknown and the only certainty is the power of their friendship. Can they abseil of the highest waterfalls of the world?

written and directed by: Pavol Barabáš
music by: Martin Barabáš 
cast: Miro Dušek, Becko Ondrejovič, Jaro DutkaMiro Dušek, Becko Ondrejovič, Jaro Holeček, Jaro Dutka, Viktor Doletina, Palo Černý, Tomo Lukačovič, Oldo Štos, Štefan Urban and many others
production: K2 studio
year of the production: 2020
length: 64 min.


Geographical records of the Earth are well known: the highest mountain is Mount Everest, the longest river is Nil, the highest waterfall is Angel Falls. However, the Czech geodesists stated in 2019 that Tugela Falls in the South Africa is higher. Nobody made a traverse or abseil this waterfall until now. Team of friends have decided to abseil and measure it. The first abseil was successful, but the difficult task was still ahead - to abseil the Angel Falls in Venezuela and to compare them. 



The highest waterfalls of the world and abseiling. How to understand this phenomenon? Incredible scenery, adrenaline experience or unreachable wonder of the world? Yet, there is a group of friends and fanatics who master perfectly this extreme category. Their common challenge is to discover, explore and fuse with wild vertical elements. Even the best prepared journeys into unknown don´t guarantee the intended goal. The only certainty is the power of their friendship and absolute trust into each other. Is it enough to traverse the highest waterfalls of the world?



The realization and distribution of this film was financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund. 

This film has been produced in a coproduction with Radio and Television of Slovakia. 


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