Tales of the Tatras Peaks III+IV - About the film

The High Tatras, Slovakia's symbol - offer shelter and asylum to all those who seek calm and refuge for their souls... Their inimitable ambience and majesty absorb man in his entirety. Anyone who enters their realm should come with humbleness and reverence. It is a unique environment where dishonesty and pride are not tolerated. They remain stony-faced to those who have come to conquer them. But they reveal a little of their mystery to those who come humbly to learn from them... Amidst a background of beautiful scenery this documentary opens a door for you and invites you to take part in some ascents to the most beautiful peaks of the Tatras.

Story: Pavol Barabáš
Music: Fontana Studio, Martin Barabáš
Narrated by: Marek Ťapák
Sound: Martin Merc
Editing: Róbert Karovič
Photography: Pavol Barabáš
Director: Pavol Barabáš
Length and Format: 2 x 30 min., HD 16:9
Distribution format: DVD, BluRAy
Genre: documentary
Year of production: 2012

Tales of the Tatras Peaks III- The Enticed by Heights

A sixteen-year old boy was once standing on the seashore of the Morskie Oko mountain lake; desiring to be the first on the top of the Mengusovský Peak. Was it a longing for appreciation, recognition, or just for conquering the unconquered he was driven by? His achievement has inspired many. Until the 19th century people believed the Lomnicky peak to be the Tatras highest. To conquer it was the boldest dream of the youth from Kežmarok. Who was the first one on its top stays still a mystery.

Enticement to be the first on the top of the Lomnický Peak turned into an enticement to conquer its challenging western wall. It attracted two of the best Polish climbers, too. Just a coincidence helped one of them to gain victory. They both, however, paid in the mountains the ultimate price....

Tales of The Tatras Peaks IV - Last of the Lasts

Until august 1902 the Ostrý Peak was the last Tatras peak with a man on its top. Even experienced mountain guides called this tough peak "the bloody bastard". Thought Karol Englisch didn´t get appreciation for conquering of the unconquerable. Doubts about his more than 30 first ascents forced him to leave the Tatras.

Who remained forever was Christian Kraft von Hohenlohe, the German Prince and the third richest man in Europe, in the period between 19th and 20th century. Without him the Tatras wouldn't look as we know them today. Hohenlohe´s marks remained in "his" animals, principles of nature protection and in folk's memories. Only a little step was necessary to remain a big part of the Tatras to stay in Slovak property.

Edmund Téry celebrated his first ascent of Mount Prostredný hrot with a bottle of champagne. Maybe on his descent he came up with an idea of a mountain hut - today´s Téry hut. Prostredný hrot still attract mountaineers. Thanks to its unique slab with a crack in it. Best climbers, photographers and "spiders" couldn´t sleep because of it...


This film has been produced in a coproduction with Radio and Television of Slovakia.

The realization and distribution of this film was financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.


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