Mountain Guides - About the film

It´s 150 years since the initial ideas of organised mountain guiding in the High Tatras began. The ancient tradition has remained unchanged in its essence. Even today, mountain guides are part of the magical world of the Tatras. They are still helping others to fulfil their dreams and desires, those for whom the highest peaks would otherwise be inaccessible. But there is more to this craft than freedom, romance, and adventure...

cast: Ján Kořínek, Jaroslav Michalko, Pavel Rajtar, Denisa Šulcová, Marek Trávniček
directed by: Pavol Barabáš
music by: Martin Barabáš
sound: Martin Merc
production: K2 studio s.r.o.
co-production: RTVS
year of the production: 2022
length: 68 min.

Two people are climbing a sharp ridge in High Tatras. The first one climbs confidently over the steep wall. He knows this environment perfectly. How many times has he stood on the summit? The other guy balances shakily behind him. His legs are shaking, his breath is hard. Can he do it? For several years, he has been dreaming of climbing this peak. Now he's close, but...

On the background of the unusual scenes of the High Tatras, the film Mountain Guides draws you into the demanding work of the Tatra guides. It shows their demanding work, but also the other side of this craft. Their mission does not seem to have changed in those 150 years. They accompany people to the peaks in the sun, storms, rain, and blizzards, even if their minds are occupied by fatigue...

Mountain guides are tolerated, condemned, and admired by many. Only few are suited to make this profession. Carefully selected aspirantsmust complete demanding, several-years training. Not everyone succeedes. This profession requires not only extraordinary physical and mental skills, but a specific character as well. So what kind of work is it?

The realization and distribution of this film was financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.  
This film has been produced in a coproduction with Radio and Television of Slovakia.