Celebrating the 10th aniversary of te legendary crossing of the pole

14 April 2008.  Ten years ago, Peter Valušiak became the first Slovak to reach the North Pole without external help, by foot as well as on skis, during his legendary crossing with three Russian companions from the coast of Russia to Canada via the North Pole.  This achievement was documented in the film "118 Days in the Captivity of the Ice" which, thanks to its excellence, has received awards at many of the world's adventure film festivals. This time, Peter and his friends returned to the Arctic with the intention of commemorating this anniversary with a 200-kilometre-long journey by foot on the frozen surface of the Arctic Ocean.   After nearly two weeks of their journey, on 12 April 2008 at 2.30 p.m. our time, they reached the North Pole where they stayed overnight.

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