Grand Prix pre Carstensz

Film Carstenz, Siedma Hora získal na medzinárodnom festivale horských filmov v poľskom meste Zakopane, Grand Prix. V konkurencii 33 filmov z 13 krajín mu udelila porota cenu za objavnú expedíciu autenticky podanú a vedenú v extrémnych podmienkach odkrývajúcu zvyky a mentalitu divokých kmeňov na Novej Guiney. Film núti zamyslieť sa nad aspektami objavných expedícii, ktoré môžu viesť jednak k objavovaniu divokej a nepoznanej prírody, alebo i poukazovať na devastujúci dopad ľudskej existencie na krajinu.

International Film Competition

There were 33 films in competition from 13 countries: Poland, Slovakia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Norway, Great Britain, USA, Canada and New Zeland. The jury was composed of Alessandro Anderloni - President of the Jury, director of the Lessinia Film Festival from Italy, Piotr Morawski - hymalaist; Paweł Skawiński - Tatra National Park director; Krzysztof Kokoryn - painter and film maker and Jakub Brzosko - member of Tatra Mountains rescue team and artist.

Grand Prix - Cartensz. Siedma hora, by Pavol Barabaš
Slovak Republic 2008, 40'

An exploration expedition filled with authenticity and led in extreme conditions discloses customs and mentality of wild tribes of New Guinea. The film forces to reflect over the two aspects of explorations expeditions, which can lead either to discovering wild and unknown nature or to exerting devastating impact of human being for the environment.

Award of the Mayor of Zakopane, for the best film which portrays most important human, cultural or artistic aspects of mountain population - Žed kamenog mora, by Vladimir Petrović
Montenegro 2007, 80'

A picturesque fresco, which presents a small mountain community of Montenegro. Accurate pictures and an intelligent use of music render the rhythm of human life in the mountains - suspended between traditions and modernity.

Tatra National Park Director's Award, for the film, which pictures in the best way a deep and inseparable relationship of human being with the nature - Vysoké Tatry. Divočina zamrznutá v čase, reĹĽ. Pavol Barabaš
Slovak Republic 2007, 52'

The film discovers extraordinary situations and natural resources of Tatra Mountains, which can remain unknown even for naturalist and specialists who work in Tatra National Park. Human being plays an important role in this world of wild nature and constitutes an integral part of ecosystem. It's a fascinating story structured on the basis of accurate and astonishing pictures.

Tatra Mountains Rescue Team TOPR Award, for the best film portraying human being in extreme conditions - Pustelniks in the Mountins, by Mirosław Dembiński.
Poland 2008, 63'

Although the main characters of the film are alpinist with great experience they are not presented as superheroes, but in the way which underlines their humanity through everyday problems and fears. Two parallel stories show relations of father with sons, where human relations and feelings come first before even the most important performance.

Special mention - Steep, by Mark Obenhaus
USA 2007, 91'
For unique pictures and in-depth historical analysis of evolution of extreme skiing.

Youth Jury Prize - Journey of a Red Fridge, by Lucian Muntean, Nataša Stankovič
Serbia 2007, 54'

As youth jury we are familiar with the concept of growing-up, which we have in common with the main character of the awarded film. This allows us to understand him well. Because of difficulties, effort and desire to fulfill his dreams and ambitions he becomes familiar to young audience. We were enchanted by the fact, that dreams of this boy go beyond himself and that he wants to improve the life of the entire population of his village. Hari Rai together with the fridge stepped on the path towards adulthood. Life of a young person is a difficult walk, which leads through windy and bumpy paths.

Audience Award
3rd Place- Pustelniks in the Mountains, by Mirosław Dembiński, Poland 2008, 63'
2nd Place-1819 kg of Faith, by Maciej Muzyczuk, Aneta Chwalba, Poland 2007, 46'
1st Place- Vysoké Tatry. Divočina zamrznutá v čase, by Pavol Barabaš, Slovak Republik, 2007, 52'

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