Michal Novinski

Michal Novinski (Slovakia, 1971 ) is a composer recognised for his significant achievements in film and theatre at home and abroad. His co-operation with the Oscar-winning director Jan Sverak on his latest film, "KOOKY", is Novinski´s most recent work. "KOOKY" was nominated for the award of 'Best Film Music' in the 'Czech Lion Awards 2010'.

His musical career started off with a commission from the first Slovak theatrical scene (Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava) for the ballet ('The Light in the Darkness', directed and choreographed by Ondrej Soth), which he composed as a 19 year old. 
Based on this success, he repeated collaboration with the internationally respected mime act Milan Sladek in his home theatre in German Cologne followed. Since that time Novinski has worked with prestigious theaters in Slovakia and in Bohemia resulting in regular cooperation with the National Theatre in Prague.
Michal Novinski is currently one of the most requested musical collaborators in the area of theatre music for which he has been honored many times. 
He has been composing music for film and television since 1993. Many international film awards have recognised his quality on the film projects which he has worked on. 
Michal Novinki received the award for 'Best Film Music' in the movie 'Broken Promise' at 'Sun in a Net Award 2009' given by the Slovak Film and Television Academy. This film was also nominated for Slovakia in the Oscar Awards.
For adaptability and ability to express emotions in a limited space Michal Novinski is a very successful and adept partner in the field of advertising, as evidenced by his international collaboration with one of the world's most respected directors of advertisements - Ivan Zacharias.

He composed the music for the documentaries of Pavol Barabáš´s K2 studio, s.r.o. - Mysterious Mamberamo, Omo - Jouerney The Journey to the Primeval Age , Amazonia Vertical, Pururambo, Tepuy, Unknown Antarctica, Carstensz, Mongolia and Trou de fer.



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