Since above the clouds


Up there, above the clouds, one can feel a mysterious alliance with the universe... It strikes so much that one begins to come out of oneself and be able to perceive all of that mountain world, which weirdly intensifies mental and physical powers, supernatural and natural energy, and releases all of what resides somewhere in the depths of the human soul... All of what revives belief in one's own power... All of what allows someone to walk with their head up, and fresh blood in their veins when coming down to the valleys.




The Tatra peaks, the tips of the mountains, pointing to a different world. There is a thin line, a band, beyond which one enters a dimension of purity, where only one thing screams - the SILENCE. A mysterious connection of the Earth and mountains above the clouds, in the space between two worlds, diverts one from reality and brings a wishful state of mind. A meditative essay enhances the intensity of an experience that astounds and raises respect to something beyond us.  Esteem for the mountains, where one can see and with all senses perceive something which cannot be grasped by emotional and intellectual skills.

Comparing with our own lives, with ourselves. Aren't we? Or isn't life, through which we can see, perceive and feel, perhaps even a greater miracle than that which is seen and perceived? How unimaginably large is its format, how ample is its content compared to that what lies here ahead of us and what we, astonished, feel with our senses.  We need to rediscover the images of nature deep within ourselves, and try to put them together to form the sought-for purpose.  There. In the silence ...


Experience of Silence ...

"The genre of the documentary film "Silence above the Clouds" ranks it among experiential essays. Using minimalist means, with emphasis on associative thinking, the author tries to draw the spectator in to a common experience of purity and beauty in contrast to the hectic times which have settled in our minds.  Through the hyper-realistic portrayal of transformations and the volatilization of phenomena in the immanence of music, the author invokes feelings of extraordinary relief which go as far as into deep spheres of relaxation. The Experience from Silence above the Clouds absorbs and mobilizes imaginative as well as sensory perception"  Alois Ditrich

Inner depletion...

"The Silence above the Clouds" is not a film. It's a meditative essay. It enhances the intensity of an experience that astounds and raises respect to something beyond the man.  I tried to do something that would be directly opposite to today's hectic times, clip views of the world by the media and the flood of ideas that constantly attack our brains. My friend MAOK composed great redeeming music to accompany my visions."

Pavol Barabáš

About shooting...

"It couldn't even be counted how many times I had to come up to the top. And how many times I didn't even get the camera out...  But it has depleted me internally for years. Because it's not quite enough to get to the top. When the clouds disappear, shots are not as interesting for the camera.  When they are high, the peaks are wrapped in fog. But, several times, the mountains responded to my intention, giving a performance I had never seen before. You know, that colourful theatre, and the fact that we are part of a large universe, is best perceived when the day exchanges its shift with the night and vice versa. The sun vanishes in the Earth's atmosphere which plays all the colours, and on the other side the white moon rises in a blue and purple coloured sky...  And you're above it all. You only notice the passage of time from the clouds flowing below. You stay, because you know that the performance will continue with a new light when the peaks will be spotlighted by the reflection of rays from the stratosphere. It's a magical moment. And then there are long overnight descents, with a treasure in one's backpack, as well as in the man himself."

Pavol Barabáš

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