Documentary film Muchimuk is a free continuation of the TEPUY about the discoveries on the Table Mountains in the primeval forests of Venezuela. The story takes place in the mysterious table mountain Kukenan, which means in the Indian language of the Pemon tribe, “the Mountains people visit before they die”. The detailed research of the mountain revealed not only new caves, but also endemic animals. But the most valuable discovery was made in the massif of the highest table mountain Roraima, where huge corridors were found, and thanks to this discovery the cave Crystal Eyes became the longest quartzite cave in the world. The importance of these discoveries lies in the fact, that until 2004, we didn’t know about similar quartzite caves. .

Script, photography, direction: : Pavol Barabáš
Editing: Matej Beneš
Music: Michal Novinski
Medium: HDV




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