A magic country, searching for its present face in the heritage of the 13th century, once became the largest empire that the world has ever seen, known as Pax Mongolica.  Feared, cursed and also admired, the same as its founder, in his life never defeated, the chieftain Genghis Khan.

On our adventurous quest through inhospitable nature, away from the usual routes, we discovered the other, unknown and surprisingly open-minded side of the aggressive conqueror, whose innovative efforts left a much deeper footprint in the thinking and development of the whole of human society than we are willing to admit.

"Crystal-pure air hangs over one’s head and the ever-present green steppe is endless. At night, millions of stars twinkle in the dark. The natives consider distances to be relative, as their route to the nearest town will be the same tomorrow as it is today. Th e countryside forces you to wander around, offering some kind of liberty that I’ve never experienced anywhere else in the world. You follow this calling of the soul from yurt to yurt, trying to understand the life of this nomadic nation that once governed the world’s largest empire." Adventurous journey...

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