Everyone has a dream, we all have dreams. But do we manage to make them come true? To what extent can our dreams be fulfilled? We long to achieve something in life. That is equally true for the 500 million disabled people on our planet. A man is climbing along an exposed rocky ridge. He is blind. He is carefully feeling his way with his hands and a mountain guide is advising him where to put his feet. This day he will make one of his cherished dreams come true. To reach the top of Gerlach peak. He lost his sight when he was young. But he did not turn his back on life. On the contrary. The medals he has won for various sports all over the world are proof of his inner strength. We all long to prove to ourselves that we can achieve what we have dreamed of. That is the only way to get beyond the frontier of the darkness that sleeps within each of us.

Script, photography, editing, directing: Pavol Barabáš, Music: archive, Length: 25 minutes, Year of production: 1999

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GRAND PRIZE - Trojan, Bulgaria, 2000
Festival Spectators Award - VI. International Festival of Mountain Films, Poprad, Slovak Republic, 1999
Jury Award - Santander, Spain,2000

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