The documentary Pygmies – the Children of the Jungle was published on a DVD!

The documentary Pygmies - the Children of the Jungle wants to be a mirror to our consumer society. "We were lucky. After a difficult march and adventurous discovery through the heart of black Africa, deep in the jungle of Congo, we managed to find a hidden ethnic group that still lives a natural way of life. This tribe lives mostly by hunting and gathering – in the same way as thousand years ago.

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Pygmies - The Children of The Jungle

The are the Jungle people of who the world thinks they don't exist ... On the way to the past, to times when the simplest things brought us happiness, the film leads us to the very beginning of the human existence. It is a documentary about the knowledge that many "miracles" that we buy in our shopping centers, cause human suffering in the third world...", says the director of the film just published on a DVD.

A documentary film about the Pygmies intact of modern civilization is released in an attractive design as the nineteenth DVD of the author's Grand Prix DVD Collection. In addition to the main film in Slovak and English, you will find a number of bonuses in it – as for example the information about the Pygmies, the unknown Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, or Congo, a photo gallery from the shooting, and all film trailers included in the 22 Grand Prix Collection.

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The film was awarded the Main prize for documentary film of the International film festival Primus 2012 in Slovenia, in the category Healthy nature, healthy man. On the "Go Camera 2012" Traveler films festival in Brno, Czech Republic, the film received the Best Film Festival Award and on the 13th International Mountain and Adventure Films Festival "Mountains and the city 2012" it was awarded the "Literary Fund Award for the best Slovak film."

More information about the DVD here.

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