DVD - Little school of filming with Sony

Video camera is a sophisticated device! You just turn it on and it records! It captures everything that you direct the lens to. Nothing escapes it! Filming is great fun! Video camera even allows you to take pictures, which are many times nicer than the reality. Are you also fascinated with the charm of filming? Do you plan to use your video camera to record all of the interesting moments of your life? Are you more ambitious? Maybe you already know how to record and maybe you would like to improve your filming skills. Watching this DVD, you enter the Little School of Filming, which may repeat what you already know, but you may also learn something new. We hope that it will inspire you to even more creative use of your video camera.



- Basic camera moves

- Tracking and zooming

- Movement within the image

- Light and shooting

- Not all shots are the same

- Filming the working procedure

- How to cope with the sound

- Processing the filmed material

- Use of camera for taking photographs

- Attachment lenses

- Correct position for panning and tilting

- Electronic and optical image stabilization

- Zoom lenses

- Storyboarding

- Home made steadycam

- Shot width

- Selective shooting

- Some additional microphones

- What the effect filters can do

- What the Picture Package software can do

- Direct editing with a DVD camcorder



- Filming "Amazonia vertical"

- Filming in extreme conditions

- Underwater filming


Total length: 180 minutes



Ľubica Vajnorská - Sony Slovakia - leader of the project

Jozef Hardoš, Tomáš Pašteka - script

Igor Krempaský- actor

Kevin Guerrier - speaker

Ivica Barabášová - production manager

Juraj Jankovič - graphic designer and animation

Menzural - Andrej Kubík, Martin Merc - sound

Eduard Voltmann - editing

Vlado Biskupič - cameraman

Tomáš Pašteka - director

Veslomultimedia - Pavol Veselský - DVD authoring


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