Even the shit is not what it used to be

I visited a friend of mine living in the mountain hut. I haven't seen him for ages. The fire from the kerosene lamp illuminated our glasses filled with red wine and created a wonderful play of lights and shadows that awoke old stories. We commemorated our old common trips to the dark valleys, spring skiing, evening joggings. At midnight our conversation turned into much more serious themes: from windy calamities and visions of the new Tatras to the changes in human behaviors.

He responded to my astonished look: "As the latrine was full, I scattered its contents with a biological agent that decomposed that heap. But during the last years, the same amount took twice as long!!!"

I remember how we built together the toilets. One toilet was used by tourists; the second one was closed, because its content was in the process of decomposition. After the toilet was full, the toilets changed their roles. The man continues his story: „Do you remember the bread from the Smokovec bakery? It stayed fresh for only a few days. The milk has gone sour in only one day. And today?"

Very slowly I begin to realize what he wants to tell me. The food industry with its developed processing and conservation technologies feeds us with suspiciously "E-s", so that a long durability could be assured. After these meditations I decided not to eat the forever soft cake I bought in the supermarket and I brought to the cottage with me. I started to think whether a scientific laboratory in the world makes systematic and profound researches about what he told me. I am going to bed; I am too confused by the debate about how our organism reacts to this toxin composition.

It is pouring the next morning. I am going down the valley and I am looking forward to arrive in the Smokovec Bakery. I want to buy the traditional rolls we used to buy and carry up to Zbojnicek. I was surprised because the bakery had been closed. People prefer buying durable baker's goods from supermarkets.

The best solution would be, if everyone could build his or hers own toilet just to have the chance to take a look into it and think about the reasons why his or hers products are so different now.

Palo Barabáš

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