Are we the most arrogant species?

It seems like we don’t want or can’t understand our mother Earth. I am surprised by the unbelievable arrogance of the Homo sapience to everything alive. If I look at our Earth from distance our species appears to me as an uncontrollable virus attacking the Earth in the same way as our mind is attacked by conflict values and ideas... Unwillingly the statement of the writer John Fowles comes into my mind and I am just afraid to agree with him:

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"Maybe our shape makes us to be a part of humankind: in reality it appeared to me that I am one of the self-destructive horde of rats. I am glad that there is no God! If there was one, I cannot imagine that we, the raging, shortsighted and greedily egocentric creators, could survive! Full of sadness I visualize our Earth, all the animals living on it, plants, insects we helped with our poisons to leave the world before we even got to know them."

I resist subconsciously the comparison, but when I take a look around me I can see that we are just trying to get richer and richer every year regardless of the consequences on our Earth. The vision of the western progress gained dominance over spiritual values and on my journeys I can see how this progress reaches every corner of our Earth. So there is no chance for the Earth to withstand the 6 billion people who overcame these materialistic fantasies....

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