Is the spiritual growth a brake for economy?

In the eternal universe is our planet with all its unique systems that enable life controlled with not understandable energies which are life-giving, resurgent and enriching. The beauties of our Earth are for many of us a source of power, music chorus of the Nature, giving us faith in something wonderful and pleasant. It has the capability to listen to us, so that we realize that we pay a too high price for what we call technological progress.

We Pretend not to See the Cramps of Earth
The constant races go hand in hand with hypocrisy and intolerance. The world is becoming a big hypermarket of “overnecessary” things. How will this influence our Earth and everything alive on it? Our own welfare and the growing demands are mirrored on the surface of the Earth. We all pretend not to see it, that it is not our business, that we are not even able to influence.

Harmonic Relationships of Civilization and Nature are Shifted Aside as an Obstruction of Economic Growth
The whirl we helped to build with ours material requirements and visions is becoming faster, louder, dirtier and more and more dangerous. We are constantly stimulated by a team of economist those who are freed from this Earth who are not able to distinguish a clod of earth from a piece of concrete. The harmonic relationship of the world of the nature has been shifted aside as an obstruction of economic growth. It is really sad that some individuals sacrifice the long-term interest of mankind on Earth for the short-time gains. It would probably not do wrong if everyone would look in the mirror and think about how we contribute towards it.

Spiritual Growth - Economy Brake?
The society controlled by financial groups keeps quieting us: Don’t worry, this is progress! The most treacherous thing about it is that they are persuading us that there is no metaphysical and transcendent life on Earth. Lucidly! The spiritual growth became for many of us an economy brake. As soon as we start to believe it, it becomes useless to be interested in different things as the own materialistic welfare. We are persuaded that our civilization is the most developed..., and unfortunately, it seems like, the most stupid. If ancient cultures had behaved the same way as we do today, there would probably be no life on Earth.

The Natural Wisdom of Animal and Vegetable Kingdom as a Source of Inspiration
Let us compare the animal and vegetable kingdom with our kingdom of mankind. We may realize how naturally clever the animal and vegetable kingdoms are: they don’t take drugs, they don’t use guns, they don’t pollute the air and do not turn their environment into a rubbish dump...It’s strange, that we do not even feel ashamed, that we help many kinds of vegetables and animals to leave this world long before we even get them know and give them a day.

Well, I think we will subconsciously start to look for answers to questions how to set ourselves free from the endless spirals of economic growth and start dealing with our spiritual growth. That will become even more important in the future time.

Palo Barabáš

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