How a tribe works

Due to the healthy and rich jungle forest Indians don´t care so much about the future. They rely on the sources from the forest available every day. More important is to enjoy they families, friends and every moment instead of planning the future. They don´t invest minimum effort to reach basic everyday life of the whole tribe.

Zasadnutie kmeňa Indiáni pozorovali všetko, čo robíme Príprava večere

There are no doubts or searching, because there are no new questions. It could hold back an individualism and creativity – two important aspects of western civilization. We regard the culture evolution as positive, therefor tribe is not our ideal. However, the culture evolution causes conflicts, stress and challenges as well. If a life in not threatened, and everybody in a tribe is satisfied, why should you wish for a change? Why would you change your life? The life is good for Indians. They are raised in the community where everybody takes the responsibility for the happiness of the whole tribe.

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