VIMFF: Interview with Salto is the King Director

VIMFF: With just 2 days remaining until our Adventuring in a Changing World show begins, we wanted to get your excited by highlighting one of the films, Salto is the King!

This breathtaking documentary takes you to the waterfalls of True de Fer and Bras Magasin on Reunion Island, Tugela in South Africa and Angel Falls (‘Salto Angel’) in the Venezuelan Amazon. It shares the story of a group of Slovak friends, as they journey into the unknown.
To learn more about Salto is the King, VIMFF Festival Director, Alan Formanek, interviews the film's director Pavol Barabáš. In our new blog post, Alan asks Pavol about: his inspiration behind the film, the most challenging moments during the film's creation, his favourite projects, and how the pandemic has affected him.

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