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My documents are basically about reverence and respect for our planet. We live on the most beautiful planet in the universe and we must appreciate it and be happy every moment we can live on it, says traveler and internationally awarded documentary filmmaker Pavol Barabáš.

He has traveled practically the whole world, and he considers the High Tatras to be his home and a fixed point in his life. He reached both the North and South Poles, stood on the tops of the highest mountains in the world, lived with Pygmies in Kenya, with the Suri tribe in Ethiopia. He has passed difficult canyons as Trou de Fer, Bras Magasin, Grand Canyon. He shot more than 40 award-winning documentaries, for example, about mountain guides and the beauty of the High Tatras, where he found his home. However, he considers our entire planet to be his home. Traveler and documentary filmmaker Pavol Barabáš.

Holder of the Sun in the Net and the Crystal Wing. What is our planet like through the eyes of Barabáš, what did he discover when he lived with the natural tribes, who are still untouched by modern civilization, and what did he learn about himself when he was exposed to the extremes of the Arctic or on the top of Mount Everest? And what actually drives him to discover the most remote corners of the Earth again and again and what does he want to tell us with his documents? You are listening to Ráno Nahlas, today with traveler and director Pavol Barabáš. 

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