Only a good man can be a mountain guide

The well-known Slovak director, screenwriter Pavol Barabáš (63) traveled the world with his camera. He reached the North and South Poles by foot, lived with Pygmies in the Congo, Indians in the Amazon forest, he was the first to climb the highest waterfall in the world and recently, observed the life of natural tribes in inscrutable Africa. However, he prefers to return home to the High Tatras, which formed him as a young sherpa and climber. For him, they are a constant inspiration and a unique mountain range that he hasn´t found anywhere else in the world. Paradoxically, filming in the Tatras is more demanding for him than in the jungle. In his new film, Mountain Guides, he brings an unprecedented and unique "eagle" view of the Slovak mountains and the demanding craft of mountain guides..., 11.1.2023

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