Sherpa Rallye 2021

23.10.2021 sherpas from High Tatras loaded 60kg on their backs and competed on the trail from Hrebienok to the Zbojnicka hut.  more

Everest - The Hard Way - TV premiere

20.10.2021, the Slovak TV - Dvojka, TV premiere of our film Everest - the Hard Way.

Dialogue with our Planet 2 in Slovak TV

4. zamyslenie: Nosič tatranský

Markiza TV Noviny: We discover world in his films.

Markiza, TV noviny, 12.9.2021

Pavol Barabas on Zabi kon peak in High Tatras film TV news.

Ivan Galfy in Slovak TV

Slovak TV, Dvojka, 20.7.2021, 13.25.

Ivan Galfy - the first part of the serie Addicted to Altitude at Slovak TV.

Everest - the Hard Way in Bratislava Amphitheater

The documentary Everest - The Hard Way was awarded by Jury Award at the “Hory a mesto - Mountains and City” Annual Festival of Mountain Film and Adventure. The film will be screened on 19.5. o 20:00 online. And in Amphithetare Rača, Bratislava on 21.5.2021, 21.00 - free entry.

Svetozar Stracina at FFF in Trinidad

The Film and Folklore Festival is an event festival in Trinidad & Tobago which invites persons to experience a unique and interactive experience in folklore storytelling comprised of; music, spoken word, art, language, food and film. Our documentary Svetozar Stracina will be a part of this yeas edition.

VIMFF: Interview with Salto is the King Director

VIMFF: With just 2 days remaining until our Adventuring in a Changing World show begins, we wanted to get your excited by highlighting one of the films, Salto is the King! more

Everest - The Hard Way in Trento

The documentary film Everest - The Hard way will be screened 7.5.2021 at Trento Film Festival in Italy.