Tales of The Tatras Peaks V - Legends and Illusions

Blásy didn´t consider a description of his first ascent of Mount Rysy to be good for publishing. According to him to climb this peak was without any practical meaning. However, Lenin must have probably found one to climbe it. Or was it only a fairy tale? Mount Mních became a climbing legend on the Polish side of the Tatras. The most difficult route leads to its small sharp peak higher of the mountain lake Morskie Oko. However, it wasn´t only bolts hanging in its walls.

Tales of the Tatras Peaks V

Rysy 2499 m

English: Rysy, Polish: Rysy, German: Meeraugspitze, Hungarian: Tengerszem-csúcs

Mount Rysy has a primacy in several aspects. It is the most popular peak, the highest peak able to hike and the most visited peak. Together with a porter we will walk up the highest located mountain hut in the Tatras to get to know about the actual stories. Thousands of people came up here following the steps of V. I. Lenin in order to salute the leader of proletariat. But was he really on the top? Or is it just a political illusion and propaganda? It melted away in the time. But the real values remained and the beautiful view on both - the Slovak and the Polish side of the Tatras intensified by surrounded scenery and dark-blue Mountain lakes.

First documented ascent in summer: 1840, E. Blásy
First documented ascent in winter: 1884, T. Wundt, J. Horvay

Ascent of Mount Rysy is possible from the Slovak side, Mengusovská dolina, or the Polish side, Morskie Oko on marked tourist trails.


Mních 2068 m

English: Monk, Polish: Mnich, German: Mönch, Hungarian: Berát

Clear from the name - the unusual shape suggests a monk. It soars itself over the mountain lake Morskie Oko and belongs to the most beautiful peaks on the Polish side of the Tatras. It´s emblazoned with legends and became a symbol for the Poles - symbol of beauty, oneness and inaccessibility. The date of its first ascent is a date for the birtzh of polish mountaineering. The most difficult route in the Tatras leads to Mních. To climb a difficult route on the cultish peak and to stand on its small sharp top is a dream for many.

First documented ascent in summer: 1879 J. G. Pawlikowski, M. Sieczka
First documented ascent in winter: 1910, H. Bednarski, J. Cybulski, W. Goetel, J. Lesiecki, L. Loria, S. Zdyb

Ascent of Mount Mních is possible with a mountain guide from Morskie Oko.


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