The Tatras National Park

The Tatras National Park is the oldest national park in Slovakia. It was founded in 1949 and covers a 741-square-kilometer area of the Slovak part of the Zapadne Tatry and Vysoke Tatry (West and High Tatras), also including the entire Belianske Tatras. The boundaries of the Tatras National Park (TANAP), clearly marked on all approach routes, are: the Slovak-Polish border to the north, the Zdiar-Tatranska Kotlina road to the east, a line approximating the forest line to the south, and to the west through the valley Sucha dolina to Biela skala, towards Oravice and through the valley Ticha dolina up to the Polish border. TANAP's charge is to preserve the original condition of the natural environment through comprehensive protection and guidance for the mountains' usage for recreation, therapy and sport. TANAP's administration, the state forestry offices, the Tatras botanical exhibition, research institute and TANAP museum are located in Tatranska Lomnica. The Tatras Mountain Rescue Service, a branch of the state forestry administration, is based in Stary Smokovec. Please visit also Nizke Tatry (The Low Tatras National Park) . The densely forested hills of the Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) run parallel to the High Tatras.

Tales of The Tatras Peaks I - Battle Of Giants

For a long time people raised their eyes to the Tatras peaks and guessed which one is the highest. Mount Kriváň seemed to be the highest from the Liptov region. Why became this peak, crooked from each point of view, a symbol of Slovakia? For many years people have searched treasures under the peak´s face. Finally they found out the valuables deep down there. more

Silence above the Clouds

Up there, above the clouds, one can feel a mysterious alliance with the universe... It strikes so much that one begins to come out of oneself and be able to perceive all of that mountain world, which weirdly intensifies mental and physical powers, supernatural and natural energy, and releases all of what resides somewhere in the depths of the human soul... All of what revives belief in one's own power... All of what allows someone to walk with their head up, and fresh blood in their veins when coming down to the valleys. more

High Tatras - A Wilderness Frozen In Time

The old Slavs named the mountains full of wild beasts and superstitions, The Tatras. Join us for a peek into their amazing kingdom. Look around quietly and let your thoughts be carried away by the grandeur of nature. You may be led to feel that all things in life are connected. more

The Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains

The film - Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains - talks about man's respect for nature and its ability to renew itself in its entire complexity and beauty. It also talks about what we all have hidden in our subconscious; that all of us on this planet form an integral unit, which underlies certain precise natural regularities. And we often recognise them only after a great length of time.

The Tatras a Mystery

Mountains give us many questions, but no answer is really exact. There is still something hidden inside, the zone of silence. This answer contains a mystery. The mystery, that is delicate as clouds during a wonderful day and the slow sunrise, but also stirring and scary as night thunderbolts. When a man cannot answer the question, why he must always come to the mountains, he evidences, that he is seeking.

Atractivity of High Tatras

Have you ever seen the sunset from a Tatras peak? Have you ever seen a miracle? What is more fascinatinf than a storm in the mountains! Why a man fell in love with mountains? Is it a battle, an adventure, a romance, an escape or a sport? What is more than to hold the mountain walls, to catch the sun and to watch the amazing world of dreams, lights and stories... 

Crown of the Tatra

4 days climb through the most dominant peaks of the High Tatras. The hike to get to known the impose in the mountains, to get to know yourself.  more

Tatras Mountain Guides

The mountain guide and the client - connected by the rope and the desire to climb the mountain. After first steps a unique friendship is born.  more

Tatras Sherpas

Horskí nosiči mali odjakživa súťaživého ducha. Málokto z nich to síce otvorene priznal, no v každom z nich drieme myšlienka byť aspoň o trochu lepší, než jeho kamarát, či kolega. Byť rýchlejší s nákladom ako v minulom roku... Toto vzájomné prekáranie, chuť súťažiť a zmerať si sily, a hlavne stretnúť sa aspoň raz do roka s kolegami z ostatných chát, prerástli nakoniec do súťaže, ktorá dostala názov Sherpa Rallye. Vymyslel sa názov, stanovili sa pravidlá, zásady, porota a ceny. more


Milos found out that a wood cutter on the Muranska plateau found a wolf baby. He had enough experience to know how to raise a whelp without the help of its biological mother. He had already raised a small catamount at home and he could successfully let him out then, so that he was able to adopt in the wild nature. more

Western Tatras

Traveling the world I got to know the values we have at home. Deep forests, clean water springs, and traditions... The Tatra Mountains is the place I am connected with. 

Vysoké Tatry - Divočina zamrznutá v čase

Ako pochopiť úžasný súzvuk farieb a foriem s vnútorným obsahom každého detailu, mohutnosť priestoru niekým alebo niečím tak usporiadaného a dokonale vytvoreného, od takmer nemerateľnej veľkosti až po najmenšiu drobnosť, vymykajúcu sa poznávacím schopnostiam nášho oka. Ako to pochopiť? Nie, to azda ani nemožno. more

The most important caves

As much as 44 caves and abysses, which represent a part of the most valuable natural heritage in Slovakia, were designated national nature monuments. As a part of the world heritage site, we can include here also other caves and abysses of the Slovak Karst. As type localities they represent morphological and genetical variety of underground karst phenomena, various forms of calcite and aragonite fill, monumentality and exceptionality of permanent glaciation, various forms of cave fauna, but also remarkable archaeological and historical monuments. more

Nosičská stovka

Juraj Petranský bol taký normálny chalan. Len o čosi viac prepadol prírode, životu v horách a Tatrám. Živil sa zásobovaním vysokohorských chát. Na vlastnom chrbte. Stal sa nosičom. Tento tvrdý horský chlebík sa mu stal osudným, pri vynáške v marci 2000 ho v Malej Studenej doline zachytila lavína. more

Avalanches would try job's patience

A group of hikers, panting with effort, moves slowly up the steep trail to Rysy Cottage in the High Tatras. At their head is a short, stumpy figure who carries a massive load on his back - a keg of beer, several cartons of milk, sacks of coal and potatoes and a package of wrapped meat. Despite the load that dwarfs him, Viktor Beránek is scarcely breaking a sweat. more