The Tatras National Park

The Tatras National Park is the oldest national park in Slovakia. It was founded in 1949 and covers a 741-square-kilometer area of the Slovak part of the Zapadne Tatry and Vysoke Tatry (West and High Tatras), also including the entire Belianske Tatras. The boundaries of the Tatras National Park (TANAP), clearly marked on all approach routes, are: the Slovak-Polish border to the north, the Zdiar-Tatranska Kotlina road to the east, a line approximating the forest line to the south, and to the west through the valley Sucha dolina to Biela skala, towards Oravice and through the valley Ticha dolina up to the Polish border. TANAP's charge is to preserve the original condition of the natural environment through comprehensive protection and guidance for the mountains' usage for recreation, therapy and sport. TANAP's administration, the state forestry offices, the Tatras botanical exhibition, research institute and TANAP museum are located in Tatranska Lomnica. The Tatras Mountain Rescue Service, a branch of the state forestry administration, is based in Stary Smokovec. Please visit also Nizke Tatry (The Low Tatras National Park) . The densely forested hills of the Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) run parallel to the High Tatras.

24. june

Nosičská stovka 2022

Už po 21. krát sa pred letnou sezónou stretávajú horskí nosiči. Nasadili si na chrbty 100 kilové náklady, aby si takto zaspomínali na jedného z nich. Výstupom na Zamkovského chatu si uctili pamiatku Juraja Petranského, ktorý v roku 2000 zahynul v Malej studenej doline v lavíne pri výkone svojho povolania.  more

8. november 2021

Preteky tatranských nosičov 60kg 2021

23.10. 2021 si nabalili tatranskí nosiči 60kg, aby si zmerali sily po sezóne. Už 37.ročník, tentokrát pod názvom Radegast Sherpa Rallye, mal štart na Hrebienku a cieľ na Zbojníckej chate. Prvý krát prišiel Viktor s nápadom zaviesť novú kategóriu OLD DOGS. more

Nosič tatranský

Viktor Beránek nosí na tatranské chaty už vyše 50 rokov. Už má takmer 70 rokov, ale stále sa stará o spokojnosť návštevníkov na najvyššej položenej chate v Tatrách. Aj vďaka filmu Sloboda pod nákladom sa podarilo zapísať nosičské remeslo do nehmotného kultúrneho dedičstva Slovenska. Ako vznikal tento film? Prečo sa nosiči na vysokohorské chaty zachovali vo svetových horách iba vo Vysokých Tatrách? more

Nontraditional-traditional celebration on Gerlach peak

Józef Pitoń has celebrated his 83 birthday untraditional - on the highest peak of Slovakia - Gerlach. In traditional costumes more than 20 people climbed to the top accompanied by traditional music and songs. The celebration was on 17.7.2017 and we wish all the best to Józef more

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Freedom under Load

These guys decided for a strange job. Each day, in a storm, blizzard, in a deep snow they climb up to the mountains with enormous load on their backs. Slovakia is the only country where last european Sherpas carry loads to the mountain huts in the Tatra mountains. It is not a proffesion only, it is the tradition, the humanity. The documentary Freedom under Load looks deep inside the souls of the last sherpas and search for their knowledge.  more

To Live for Passion

If mountains have a soul, then it is majestic. It was 90 years ago when a young student proved what was then unimaginable. Wieslaw Stanislawski climbed new and difficult routes of the biggest walls in the Slovak Tatras. With only hemp rope around his waist, he climbed with unbelievable passion and desire. more

Sories we forgot to read

The series of the six documentaries about High Tatras - Tales of the Tatras Peaks - directed by Pavol Barabas. It took more that four years to produce these films about conquering the highest peaks. The history of the most beautiful, the most difficult, or the most interesting peaks collected in more than 200 minutes. more

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Michal Sabovcik about the Traverse of the main Tatras Ridge

Western, High, and Belianske Tatras. They are connected by gorgeous, logical and long ridge line formed by more than 130 peaks and towers. To traverse entire ridge alpine style, unsupported, in one single push, was always a big challenge. And still is. Two friends experienced a big adventure climbing this ridge. It is a story about courage and fear, strong will and despair, endurance and pain. It is a story about friendship.

Tales of The Tatras Peaks VI - Footprints on the Ridge

White spots on the maps fascinated people for ages. We can still search for them in ourselves. Because of this you need to raise your eyes to climb higher and push your frontiers. To conquer the main ridge of the whole Tatras in the winter is a big challenge of technique, physical and psychical conditions. The only one who managed it was Pavol Pochylý in 1978. For the last 35 years, nobody was able to repeat his achievement without any support... more

Tales of The Tatras Peaks V - Legends and Illusions

Blásy didn´t consider a description of his first ascent of Mount Rysy to be good for publishing. According to him to climb this peak was without any practical meaning. However, Lenin must have probably found one to climbe it. Or was it only a fairy tale? Mount Mních became a climbing legend on the Polish side of the Tatras. The most difficult route leads to its small sharp peak higher of the mountain lake Morskie Oko. However, it wasn´t only bolts hanging in its walls. more

Tales of The Tatras Peaks IV - Last of the Lasts

Until august 1902 the Ostrý Peak was the last Tatras peak with a man on its top. Even experienced mountain guides called this tough peak "the bloody bastard". Thought Karol Englisch didn´t get appreciation for conquering of the unconquerable. Doubts about his more than 30 first ascents forced him to leave the Tatras. more

Tales of the Tatras Peaks III- The Enticed by Heights

A sixteen-year old boy was once standing on the seashore of the Morskie Oko mountain lake; desiring to be the first on the top of the Mengusovský Peak. Was it a longing for appreciation, recognition, or just for conquering the unconquered he was driven by? His achievement has inspired many. more

Tales of The Tatras Peaks II - Dreams of Freedom

The High Tatras, Slovakia's symbol - offer shelter and asylum to all those who seek calm and refuge for their souls... Their inimitable ambience and majesty absorb man in his entirety. Anyone who enters their realm should come with humbleness and reverence. It is a unique environment where dishonesty and pride are not tolerated. They remain stony-faced to those who have come to conquer them. But they reveal a little of their mystery to those who come humbly to learn from them...


Tales of The Tatras Peaks I - Battle Of Giants

For a long time people raised their eyes to the Tatras peaks and guessed which one is the highest. Mount Kriváň seemed to be the highest from the Liptov region. Why became this peak, crooked from each point of view, a symbol of Slovakia? For many years people have searched treasures under the peak´s face. Finally they found out the valuables deep down there. more

Silence above the Clouds

Up there, above the clouds, one can feel a mysterious alliance with the universe... It strikes so much that one begins to come out of oneself and be able to perceive all of that mountain world, which weirdly intensifies mental and physical powers, supernatural and natural energy, and releases all of what resides somewhere in the depths of the human soul... All of what revives belief in one's own power... All of what allows someone to walk with their head up, and fresh blood in their veins when coming down to the valleys. more