Captives of the Underground - About the film

Captives of the Underground is the second part of the documentary series about discovering of the Slovak underground. It shows less known, but great discoveries of the lasts years. Moreover, it introduces humble people, who discover the underground beauty for us.

director: Pavol Barabáš
music: Martin Barabáš
length: 34 min
year of production: 2012

Slovakia´s warmest Plavecká priepasť Cave, the deepest Hipman´s Caves, and the highest cave open for public Cave of Dead Bats have nothing in common at first glance. Although, behind each of them there are people following a common goal. To discover unknown areas, to protect the unique beauty of caves and to give them a soul.


Starý hrad foto: Peter Medzihradský

This film has been produced in a coproduction with Radio and Television of Slovakia.