High Tatras - A Wilderness Frozen In Time - About the film

The old Slavs named the mountains full of wild beasts and superstitions, The Tatras. Join us for a peek into their amazing kingdom. Look around quietly and let your thoughts be carried away by the grandeur of nature. You may be led to feel that all things in life are connected.

Director: Pavol Barabáš
Screenplay: Pavol Barabáš
Story: Tomáš Hulík
Music: Maok
Editor: Astrid Steiner
Dir. of Photography: Tomáš Hulík
Production: ORF Universum /Cosmos factory a Art point/ in co-production with WDR, NDR
Sales: ORF
Austria, Slovakia, Germany 2007, Digital betacam, col., 52 min.

In parallel with our world, the world of animals with its own rules and laws exists. The worst thing is when these two worlds meet. People tend to think that we are the kings of the mankind, so it is our big concern when an animal threatens man who disobeys the rules. But in comparison how many animals people kill a day, it is only a tiny amount. Last year we started to make a movie about animals living in the High Tatras. The working title is the Secret to Survive.

The chief cameraman of this project is Tomas Hulik and the expert for wild animals is Milos Majda. From the very beginning of the shooting I was sure that this project will cost us a lot of effort and patience. But at the same time we all had an extraordinary feeling of enrichment only the mysterious world of nature can give one...

Filming location