Silence Above the Clouds - More about the DVD

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Content of the DVD:
- slovak/english language
- film Silence above the Clouds
- separate film passages:
Passing Time
The Way Home
Slowly Swimming
- bonus CD Maok: Above the clouds

Above the clouds - music from Pavol Barabáš films:
1. Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains
2. High Tatras - A Wilderness Frozen in Time
3. Bhutan - A Search for Happiness
4. Mystery of Underground
5. Silence above the Clouds

DVD menu samples:

HLAVNE MENU Slowly swimming Peace Passing time The way home

Up there, above the clouds, one can feel a mysterious alliance with the universe... It strikes so much that one begins to come out of oneself and be able to perceive all of that mountain world, which weirdly intensifies mental and physical powers, supernatural and natural energy, and releases all of what resides somewhere in the depths of the human soul... All of what revives belief in one's own power... All of what allows someone to walk with their head up, and fresh blood in their veins when coming down to the valleys.