Silence Above the Clouds - About the film

Up there, above the clouds, one can feel a mysterious alliance with the universe... It strikes so much that one begins to come out of oneself and be able to perceive all of that mountain world, which weirdly intensifies mental and physical powers, supernatural and natural energy, and releases all of what resides somewhere in the depths of the human soul... All of what revives belief in one's own power... All of what allows someone to walk with their head up, and fresh blood in their veins when coming down to the valleys.

Director: Pavol Barabáš
Editing: Pavol Barabáš
Music: Maok
Lenght: 65 minutes
Year of production: 2009
Format: 16:9
Sound: 5.1


Here, in the silence and solitude, in between the murmur of wind, we start to sense our mission, the reason of being. We start to understand the values which differ life from existence, and thanks to which we find what could modestly be called happiness. We learn to seek it everywhere...

Passing time...
Mountains teach one to search. It's a man's dialog with nature about understanding oneself. It's a mysterious match, full of passion... Questions raised by the mountains may have different answers. However, none of them is exhaustive; there's always something left at the edge, something unspoken, a zone of silence and secrecy...

Above the clouds, everything aquires some peculiar, simple beauty and truth, which enhances one's soul and enables one's heart for the good. A cheerful soul cannot be chained by anything. Distance, freedom and independence... That's the mountains. With the freedom absorbed in the mountains, you won't hand control over yourself to anybody.

Filming location