The Mystery Of Underground - Trivia

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Slovak Karst is the largest karst territory in Central Europe. It covers an area of 346 km2 and contains more than 1,100 caves and abysses. The most interesting sites are Zádielska Gorge and Domica Cave. There are more than 5,650 caves known to exist in Slovakia. 44 caves and abysses are designated as national nature monuments, while only 12 of them are open to the public. There are 6 publicly accessible caves that belong to the World Natural Heritage (UNESCO) list: Dobšinská ice cave and the caves of the slovak karst. The other caves and abysses of world heritage are not open to the public. Many of them are difficult to access. The largest cave system is the system of Demänovské Caves which is more than 35 km long. The longest cave in travertine is the Pleky Fissure Cave which reaches a length of 100 m. The longest cave in the Clippen Structure is the Aksamitka Cave in Pieniny which is 330 m long. The longest pseudo-karst cave is the Cave under Spišská which is 740 m long and which is situated in the Levočské Hills. The larges undergound space with a  length of 192 m and an area of 9,040 m2 is the Fairy-tale Dome in Stratenská Cave.