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Join us in descending into the mysterious underground of Slovakia. Let's walk through unrepeatable sinter formations, bewitching aragonite or cooling ice decorations which offer an unusual view of the mysteries hidden deep beneath the Earth's crust. You will be captivated by a variety of formations, passages preserved by water, massive underground halls, narrow canyons with roaring waterfalls and crystal clear lakes. No wonder that many of these caves were listed in the World Natural Heritage register.

DVD Content:
- slovak/english language
- photo gallery
- trailer
- The longest caves
- The deepest caves
- caves on the UNESCO list
- caves open to the publicfotogaléria
- bonus CD Babjakovci v jaskyni

Bonus CD Babjakovci

Bonus CD Babjakovci in Cave is a unique record of seven opera songs performed by the Babjak siblings in Harmanecká Cave. Piano: Daniel Buranovský.

1. Pieseň (M. Schneider-Trnavský/Ivan Krasko)
2. Prsteň (M. Schneider-Trnavský/J. Jesenský)
3. Menuet na ostrove (J. Iršai/N. Hosťovecká)
4. Listy (F. Kafenda/J. Smrek)
5. Okúzlenie (F. Kafenda/J. Smrek)
6. Pieseň (F. Kafenda/J. Smrek)
7. Aká si mi krásna (E. Suchoň/P. Bella-Horal)

DVD menu samples:

0. Top menu DVD Tajomstvo podzemia 1. Menu DVD Mystery of Underground 2. Intro Mystery of Underground 3. Caves and abysses of the Slovak karst 5. Caves open to public 7. Bystrianska cave 8. Demänovská cave of liberty 10. Dobšinská Ice Cave.jpg 11. Domica cave 12. Gombasecká cave 13. Harmanecká cave 14. Jasovská cave 15. Driny cave 16. Krásnohorská cave 17. The longest caves 18. The deepest caves 19. Ochtinská aragonit cave