Pururambo - Comments

From the mail to K2 studio:

I just wanted to thank you for creating such an amazing film. I just finished watching Pururamba, and it helped me realize so much about so many questions that I have been contemplating about life. It was astounding to see such a different lifestyle, and this diverse experience aided me and inspired me in so many ways. You captured the ways of the people of Guinea so well, and it made me feel as if I were a witness to a miraculous story. I greatly admire your courage in seeing new lands and discovering new ways. It certainly seems hard to adapt to a place so different that where you came from. Especially the custom of eating whatever is served...in a world where food is judged a lot on sight, this, to me, what an amazing feat of bravery! I agree in that you said travel is a drug that you are addicted to, as discovery is always amazing and fulfilling, so thank you for taking people along on your journey as you travel the world. It really has made a difference to me. Thank you.
Sincerely from,

Rachel, Georgia, USA