Pururambo - More about the DVD

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The world you thought no longer existed...

DVD content:
- Slovak and English versions of the film Pururambo
- making the movie
- photo gallery
- film about Rudo Švaříček, the main character of the film
- director about filming the natives
- deleted scenes
- info and videos about New Guinea tribes
- information about the DVD producers
- other Pavol Barabáš films trailers
- music composed by Michal Novinski

Menu DVD samples:

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chapters_03_eng copy chapters_01_eng copy new_guinea_engl
kombai_tribe_engl copy komoro_-tribe_engl copy dani_tribe_engl copy
damal_tribe_engl copy asmat tribe_eng copy carstenz_piramid_eng copy
DVD creators_engl copy About Rudo Svaricek_engl copy About the Director_engl copy