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Title: The Polarman
Slovak Premiere: 6. 4. 2014, festival Hory a mesto, Bratislava
Length: 57 min.
DIrector: Pavol Barabáš
Script: Miriam Petráňová, Pavol Barabáš
Production: Alena Koščová
Photography: Peter Valušiak, Pavol Barabáš
Music: Maroš Barabáš
Editor: Róbert Karovič
Sound: Martin Merc
Cast: Peter Valušiak
Copyright: © K2 studio s.r.o.

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Synopsis: in more than 20 expeditions to the Polar Regions. In 1998, together with three Russian explorers, he completed the first unsupported crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada over the North Pole. Another great challenge which has been on his mind for many years is to cross Antarctica over the South Pole. The Polarman is portrait of a man who tries to survive alone in the coldest continent.

The realization of this film was financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.