The Spider - About the film

The documentary about the climebr Pavel Pochyly called The Spider. His lifestory shocks until now. He climbed difficult walls in the High Tatras and set new routes. He lived on the edge. Not only in the mountains but the civilized world as well. Two faces of the Climber of the Century.

logline: Impossible is just one of the options.
director: Ľubomír Ján Slivka
production: ATTACK FILM, s.r.o.
cast: Alexander Buzinkaj, Ján Ďurana, Eugen Gindl, Katarína Gromová, Rudolf Hajdúčik, Pavol Jackovič, Jozef Krištoffy, Michal Sabovčík and others
genre: documentary
length: 82 min.
production and distribution of DVD: K2 studio, s.r.o.