Omo - A Journey to the Primeval Age - About the film

The past of the human race lies in African history. It was somewhere there, on the banks of the Ethiopian River Omo, far from the civilized world, that the oldest bones of primaeval man were found. For millions of years, however, the history of human civilization avoided this territory. Thanks to that, tribes have survived which can take us back into the past, so that we can better understand where we have come from and maybe also, where we are going. Six daring people set out for the unknown on a raft through the dangerous canyon of the River OMO. They fought their way through wild rapids on this river flowing through no man's land, encountering large numbers of hippopotami and crocodiles, to discover not only people living naturally along the lower reaches of the River Omo, but themselves as well.

Script, photography, editing, directing: Pavol Barabáš
Music: Michal Novinski
Length: 68 minutes
Year of production: 2002

Filming location