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First HD projections from digital media in Slovak cinemas

SPI (www.spi-film.eu, www.spi-film.sk) is the first distributor in Slovakia introducing HD projections from digital media. Today, October 23rd, two documentaries by Pavol Barabas are released: Unknown Antarctica and Bhutan.

These films are exclusively projected in two cinemas in Slovakia, which provide this technology, namely Palace Cinemas in Bratislava shopping mall Aupark and Europe Cinemas in Banska Bystrica.
"To rewrite those two films in 35 mm format would be too expensive, maybe it would not be possible to have screened them in the cinemas in that case," said to FNE on the phone Elena Pancikova, SPI PR and Marketing Manager. "The disadvantage of having HD projections is that this two films can be screened just in those two Slovak cinemas that have the technology," so Pancikova.
Pavol Barabas is a famous and numerous prize winner Slovak documentarian, adventurer and explorer. He has established his own production company K2 (www.k2studio.sk), which produces his films.
"While Pavol is traveling, he must use digital camera. Why not to show viewers HD projections, when the quality is much better?" claims s to FNE on the phone K2 PR manager Maria Lampertova.
"We do not call this screenings distribution but introduction," so Lampertova. "We will see how viewers react and how many days stay films in the cinemas."
To rewrite the films to 35 mm format would cost due to Lampertova 32 258 EUR (1 million SK) for one hour. Both Barabas films have together 73 minutes.

Jana Kadlecová