The Secret World´s Seekers - About the film

The Secret World´s Seekers is the first part of the documentary series exploring the underground of Slovakia. It will guide you through incredibly narrow corridors, together with a number of large underground halls of little-known caves. It will introduce you wonderful people whom we thank for their discoveries of the rich underground treasures beneath our feet.You have to go deep down the darkness but the way there is winding ... You will crawl in mud and cold, in your own sweat that will stick to your skin in a while. From light into the darkness. That’s your way of discovering light back again. The light hidden deep in you...

directed by: Pavol Barabáš
sound: Martin Merc
length: 32 min
year of production: 2010

We invite you to visit places you probably don't know at all: Skalistý potok (Rocky Stream Cave), Štefanová (Štefanová Cave), Večná robota (Everlasting Work Cave), Jaskyňa mŕtvych netopierov (Cave of Dead Bats), Starý hrad (Old Castle Cave), Mesačný tieň (Moon Shadow Cave). They are, in the recent years, the largest and most significant underground discoveries in Slovakia. We visited the caves with our camera. The most valuable we have found deep down there, were humble people who dedicated their lives to cave discovery. They are invisible, free, humble and rich in experience that can offer only hard work. These people are physically and mentally tough and full of enthusiasm. Without it, the exploring of the underground would be impossible.


Let's go together and find out the secret underground of Slovakia. You may return enriched by the caver's humbleness of the power of nature. You begin to understand their excitement of the knowledge that down there below the surface, there may be worlds far larger than you can imagine...

Rocky Brook Cave hides the highest waterfall in Slovakia, Stratenská Cave enchants us by the largest underground area, and Štefanová Cave conceals endless maze of passages. These underground spaces still offer us great opportunities for discovery. Often within ourselves as well.

This film has been produced in a coproduction with Radio and Television of Slovakia.