Expedition Siberia - About the film

In the expedition Siberia took part not only the world champions in rafting but also people who are rafting for the first time in their lives. Their destination is the Altaj Mountains with their glacier river - "Čuja" in Russia. The river is a class 5 in difficulty. There are many metal plaques with the names of the river's victims on her shores. Many of them died from fright. However, fear is essential here. People who are not scared either underestimate the force of nature or overestimate their own strength. So who do you think has more respect for the river's rapids, the beginner or the world champion?

Script, editing, direction: Pavol Barabáš
Photography: Pavol Barabáš, Peter Kubela, Peter Szöke, Marek Rusnák
Length: 36 minutes
Year of production: 2001