Everest - The Hard Way - Awards

Jury Award - Verona Mountain Film Festival, Italy, 22.-26.2.2022
"The jury considered worthy of mention the film that tells, after a few decades, a tragic story that has left an indelible mark on the souls of the surviving protagonists."

Grand Prix - Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, 9.-13.12.2021

Best director - Moscow International Film Festival VERTICAL, Russia, 10.-12.11.2021

Best film about mountaineering sports, adventure and exploring, Bansko Film Festival, Bulgaria, 22.-25.9.2021
An exciting film that, through the memories surrounding the dramatic events of the historic Slovak expedition to Everest in 1988, shows us how sometimes life is able to bring together both success and tragedy!

Grand Prix - Ladek Mountain Festival, Ladek Zdroj, Poland, 10.-19.9.2021
A story about an extraordinary and tragically ending achievement of Slovak climbers who in 1988 decided to climb the most difficult route on Everest in alpine style. This story is told from the point of view of the leader of this expedition, Ivan Fiala. Despite the fact that almost 30 years passed after the events, the leader of the expedition was not able to come to terms with the death of four climbers until the end of his life. “Everest – The Hard Way” is a moving story about a sense of responsibility, about doubts and about the price we pay for our dreams. The jury appreciated the high quality of the film, which perfectly combines archive footage with engaging conversations.

Special Jury Award - NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival, New Zealand, 3.7.2021

TV Slovenia Award - Mountain Film Festival, FGF Domžale, Slovenia, 4.7.2021
statement of the jury: A Slovak Alpine-style expedition pushes the limits of what´s possible on the southwest face on the world´s tallest mountain. But instead of an triumphant success, the 1988 expedition turned into a tragedy. Only three of the seven members returned home and the film focuses on their mental dilemma, reflections, and a sense of responsibility after crossing the line between success and catastrophe.

Best mountaineering filmMountain Film Festival, FGF Domžale, Slovenia, 4.7.2021
statement of the jury: A touching and fascinating film about one of the key moments in the history of Himalaya climbing. the hardest route in Everest, named The Hard Way by Chris Bonington, is supposedly unclimbable. The film is a rich and historically accurate homage to a group of excellent Slovak alpinists who felt otherwise and embarked on the grand but ultimately tragic adventure.

Alpine Camera in Gold - Alpinism & Expeditions, Mountainfilm International Film Festival Graz 2020 , Austria, 12.6.2021
statement of the jury: This film deals with a central topos of high altitude climbing, with failure. The current interviews with expedition members are combined with historic film materials in a perfectly balanced combination This is achieved by an aesthetic and clear picture language, without any exaggerated hero representation. In all modesty before what they experienced, and with all their self-doubts, the survivors of this tragedy share their experiences with us. The director of this contemporary film document has elaborated the events with caution and empathy.

Jury Award -
International Mountain and Adventure Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia,  19.-23.5.2021
statement of the jury: In the world of adventure film making, Pavol Barabas’s name is synonymous with making finely crafted documentaries that shine a human light on the drama, challenges and rewards of mountaineering. In 1988, a heroic and tragic performance was enacted high on one of the most difficult faces of Mt Everest by a small, elite team of Slovak mountaineers - an expedition whose outcome was acutely felt by the alpine community in Slovakia, but until now, largely unknown outside of Europe. The consequences of choosing the Hard Way are magnified in this superbly crafted film.


Best Alpinism & Climbing Film - UMFF, Ulju Mountain Film Festival, Ulsan, South Korea, 7.4.2021
statement of the jury: The historical value of the ‘The Hard Way’ expedition of the Southwest Face of Everest in 1988, a milestone in the history of alpinism, the images of legendary climbers, dramatic scenes, and archive material are well balanced while times of suffering and endurance and the true meaning of climbing are blended into the storytelling through interviews with survivors.


Silver Edelweiss, Jury prize F.E.D.M.E. - BBVA Torelló Mountain Film Festival, Torelló, 22.-31.1.2021

TV Noe Award - International Outdoor Film Festival, Czech republic, Slovakia 2020

Audience Award - BBK Mendi Film Festival, Bilbao, 4.-13.2020, Spain

Grand Prix - International Festival of Mountain Films Poprad, 14.-18.10.2020
statement of the jury: "For a perfect dramatic grasp of the story of climbing the most difficult route on Everest by four top Slovak climbers. The greatest tragedy in the history of Slovak moutaineering is depicted through the emotions of the expedition leader. The film director´s talent made it possible to point out the story and its consequences in a sensitive way.

Grand Prix - Echo Mountain Film Festival, 5.-9.10.2020, Macedonia
statement of the jury: "Pavol Barabas returned to the greatest Slovak tragedy in Himaya in a masterful way. Great graphics, very interesting narration and a very large dose of emotions. Masterful implementation of a very difficult topic."

Best Adventure - International Mountain Film Festival Ushuaia SHH, 17.-30.8.2020, Argentina
statement of the jury: "An adventure that breaks limits of what was considered as possible and rescue essential values in mountaineering from the past, taking care of one´s partner, undertaking a goal loyally, in the purest Alpine style. Because the film also raises the problem of social misunderstanding towards the inevitable risk of the activity and its consequences."

Grand Prix - International Mountaineering Film Festival, Teplice nad Metují, 27.-30.8.2020, Czech Republic

Polish Mountaineering Association Prize - Moc Gór - The Power of Mountain, Zakopane, 27.-30.8.2020, Poland
statement of the jury: "The jury appreciated the director's ability to show emotions, dilemmas and doubts of the manager of the tragic expedition to the Southwest face of Mount Everest. The director showed in a touching way the responsibility that rests on the leader of the expedition in extreme conditions."

Special Jury Award -  New Zealand Mountain film festival, Wanaka 4.7.2021