Dhaulagiri is my Everest - Awards

Special Jury Mention - Krakow Mountain Festival, Krakow, Poland, 10.-11.12.2022
Dhaulagiri is My Everest – an interesting film that focussed on the achievements in the Himalaya of an amazing character with a little known story confined historically by the borders of the iron curtain.

2nd place - International festival of outdoor films, Czech republic, 10.12.2022

Honorable mention - Torello Mountain Festival, Spain, 11.-20.11.2022

Best Slovak film - Horyzonty, Trenčín, Slovakia, 12.11.2022

Best feature film - Inkafest, Peru, 17.-31.10.2022

Best Climbing Film - EHO Mountain Film Festival, Macedonia, 23.9.2022
A life story of self-discovery, of physical existence with purpose, climbing Himalayan peaks along new routes, until life strikes back... when there is no particular destination, you are never late, and you are never lost. You are always exactly where you need to be. At such a moment, the spiritual awakening of the protagonist takes place, which leads him to change his way of life, and the pure alpine style of climbing becomes a lesson for a pure style of living. Extraordinary visual documentation with an abundance of archival materials, assembled into a unique narrative experience.

Special Jury Prize - People and Environment, Baikal International Film Festival, 29.9.2022

The Best Mountain Feature Film Award - Mestia International Short and Mountain Film Festival, Georgia, 17.-21.8.2022
For the powerful depiction of the spiritual connection between Man and Nature.

Best documentary - Eastern Europe Film Festival, Romania, 08/2022

Best documentary - Mountain View International Film Festival, India 08/2022

Special Jury Prize - International Mountaineering Film Festival, Teplice nad Metují, Czech Republic, 25.-28.8.2022

Literary Fund Award - Mountains and City, Bratislava, Slovakia, 11.-15.5.2022

Audience Prize - Vysoke hory Nitra, Slovakia, 9.4.2022

Best Mountaineering Film - FGF Mountain Film Festival, Slovenia, 14.-19.2.2022
"Through the story of outstanding Slovak mountaineer Zoltan Demjan, the film answers the question of why we risk our lives to climb high mountains. Despite his incredible achievements, such as climbing the extreme south face of Lhotse Shar without supplemental oxygen in 1984, the climber remained unknown in Western Europe, on the other side of the Iron Curtain. The story is illustrated by Zoltan’s previously unseen film archives."

Grand PrixInternational Festival of the Mountain Films, Poprad, Slovakia, 13.-17.10.2021
"For the Director’s artful skill of uncovering the extraordinary personality of one, whose extreme mountain experiences, influenced his life going forward."

Audience PrizeInternational Festival of the Mountain Films, Poprad, Slovakia, 13.-17.10.2021