Dhaulagiri is my Everest - About the film

In 1984, Zoltán Demján summited two eight-thousanders without supplementary oxygen. First, he climbed the south face of Lhotse Shar, then the south pillar of Mount Everest. However, the weather turned his descent into a drama. His life lesson happens during his first ascent of Dhaulagiri in the Alpine style. On this vertical southwest pillar not only the highest difficulty of climbing awaits him, but also important knowledge that will change his life.

directed by: Pavol Barabáš
director of photography: Peter Pastucha, Zoltán Demján, Pavol Barabáš
music composed by: Martin Barabáš
cast: Zoltán Demján
production: K2 studio s.r.o.
year of production: 2021
length: 64 min.



The realization and distribution of this film was financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund. 

This film has been produced in a coproduction with Radio and Television of Slovakia.