Buddhism on the Roof of the World - About the film

For centuries, Tibet has been the heart of a fantastic world. It is a society based on Buddhist teachings and it is governed by the reincarnated successor of saints, called the Dalai Lama.

Script, photography, editing, directing: Pavol Barabáš
Music: Authentic
Length: 22 minutes
Year of production: 1998

The history of Tibet is the story of one of the greatest spiritual civilizations in mankind’s history. Their culture was appreciated and respected far and wide. In spite of that the Tibetans were pushed to the brink of extinction. After Tibet became a part of China in 1951, the traditional culture was exposed to the pressure of an unknown ideology. The Tibetan countryside acquired a new face. Lhasa - place of gods - also changed radically. New residential areas, factories and modern hotels were built up in its suburbs. Japanese jeeps are running on asphalt motorways and one can buy a hi-fi deck with flashing lights in the department stores. But the internal world of every Tibetan, his spiritual serenity, aplomb, harmony and happiness have their roots somewhere else. The Buddha’s words, translated into the Tibetan language ages ago, still bear the same meaning: the road to liberation starts in everybody and everyone has the ability to achieve permanent happiness.